Client Testimonials


What do clients think of me?  Find out for yourself:

  • BURG Translations has used Chuck Krugel’s services for approximately 7 years. He’s handled cases & provides HR counseling. Chuck is one of the most responsive and knowledgeable attorneys in labor & employment law. He promptly responds to inquiries, and has been an invaluable resource for resolving issues. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Angelo M. Passalacqua PhD
Chief Executive Officer


  • As a UK based company remotely managing a US facility we have relied on Charles (Chuck) Krugel for his invaluable knowledge and guidance to US law. Chuck has been of enormous support to us supplying expert advice on any human resources or legal advice that we have had issues with, responding promptly and efficiently in an easy to understand way being the great communicator that he is. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Carol-Ann Sleap
UK Financial Controller/HR Manager, Pacific Direct


  • Chuck Krugel is an amazing attorney and a good friend. He has the ability to differentiate between urgent matters and everyday nonsense quickly and apply triage when needed. He has a very deep understanding of small business needs and budgets, and has always been there as a friend when a quick answer is called for. He has the ability to understand what appropriate fees are for small businesses.He also reacts quickly so that when a business is in crisis he reduces the stress by coming forward with quick correct answers and explanations of why he is advising you to do something in a certain way which is easily understandable. He is a very bright sensitive man and I call Chuck a friend. I urge you to use Chuck for your HR matters and refer him to other in need, you will not be sorry.

Mark Thomas
The Alley Stores

  • I absolutely love working with Chuck Krugel. He responds quickly (often within minutes of a call or email!) and is very reachable. As a small business owner, I value this type of service and he makes me feel very respected as a client – that despite our small size, our needs are just as important. The advice he gives is solid, to the point, and honest. He also follows up to make sure the concern is resolved and that I don’t have any other questions. He is truly a fantastic lawyer all around and I recommend him highly!

Andrea Fischetti, Managing Director, ReelPaws Productions

  • Chuck offered a great solution to our small business that did not have the budget for a full-time HR person.  His yearly plan was a perfect solution to our continual need for HR support and advice.  He amazes us every time when we call upon him for advice by answering the phone himself.  He always finds time for us and answers our questions succinctly and thoroughly, leaving us feeling relaxed and assured that we are covered.  We highly recommend Chuck to all of those businesses who wish they had a lawyer on retainer for their employee issues.We can focus on running our business knowing that Chuck is on our side, helping us to remain compliant while we grow!

Sandy Saldano, Owner and Licensed Massage TherapistTherapeutic Kneads, Ltd.
Highland Park, IL

  • Chuck Krugel has provided my law firm with highly effective legal advice, promptly and effectively. Chuck has allowed my firm to work out complex employee issues to everyone’s satisfaction, amicably and quickly.  Chuck is always there when I need him.  I have never had a problem reaching him through either email or phone.  I  highly recommend Chuck Krugel.

Lydia Gross Kamerlink, Attorney At Law
Kamerlink, Stark, McCormack & Powers, LLC

  • After going to a couple of seminars that Chuck Krugel put on, and liking his presentation, I put his name on file for future reference. When the day came that I needed advice on how to handle a union situation involving my company, my customer and a labor union that my customer works with on a regular basis, I called Chuck. Chuck quickly grasped the situation and led all three parties to a peaceful conclusion with all parties happy. I highly recommend Chuck.

Bob Wilson, President of Wilson Rental –

  • Charles Krugel provided our organization with highly effective legal advice.  Chuck understands not only how the legal systems works, but also the particulars of smaller non profits that may not deal with employment issues often. Not only did he resolve our case satisfactorily, but he was always available when we needed him on more than just the case. Chucks’ experience with non-profit boards (serving as a board member) was invaluable to our positive resolution of the case. We never had a problem reaching him through either email or phone. He’s really easy to get along with and talk to, moreover you feel that he brings and is willing to share more that his legal expertise but also his vast knowledge how best to deal with thorny employment issues. In the current employment environment it is good to know that people like Chuck are working to ensure that organizations like ours don’t get exploited.

Daysi Funes, Executive Director
Centro Romero

  • A.P. DELI RESTAURANT GROUP is a small restaurant chain that is growing fast and beginning to experience those human resource issues that “big companies” face. Dealing with the various government agencies directly is much too time consuming and complicated for one person or our small staff to handle. Our CEO, Ken Battee was referred to Chuck by a friend (and CEO of another company in our industry). He told us that Chuck had been a huge help to him in some tough situations. He said that Chuck was knowledgeable, easy to work with, charged very reasonable rates and personally… “would be a good guy to have on our team.”  We enlisted his help in some sticky IDES, FLSA, DOL and EEOC issues. Having over 30 years business experience myself (including 12 in human resources), I can recognize his “wisdom” as well as “talent.” We believe Chuck really does want to help his clients achieve the best result in the most cost effective way possible. He also has the right perspective on tactics and objectives when dealing with this often emotional area. At this point…we can only say that Chuck has become indispensable to us and most definitely… “A good guy to have on our team.”

Ken Battee
J. Anthony Smith
Executive Vice President

  • Charles Krugel provided us with legal counsel for union issues we had. He was professional and courteous. He was always prompt in getting back to us and easy to reach. His knowledge of the situation gave us confidence in his counsel. Our issues with the union were resolved in a timely manner, sooner than all of us expected. I highly recommend his services.

Antoinette Pticek
Pticek’s Bakery

Note from Chuck Krugel: Due to confidentiality limitations, we can’t divulge too much information about what transpired, but it was a very complex matter that was very satisfactorily resolved.

  • My name is Bernie Echeverria owner and president of ACME WIRE PRODUCTS LLC. We were in need of a legal expert on discrimination laws & decertification of the union contract. In these two cases, we were fortunate to rely on Charles Krugel’s expertise. He is what a company needs in these difficult times, someone with the experience and character to get the job done. Charles’ professional counsel is an invaluable asset to any company or organization.
  • Chuck is very knowledgeable in many areas. He has been a great resource and has offered fantastic advice. My calls and emails are always answered promptly. There are no surprises regarding his billing. Chuck is an invaluable asset to the growth of my company and it is a pleasure to work with him.

Julie Savitt
AMS Earth Movers, Inc

Also, see the following Crain’s Chicago Business article & this Chicago Tribune blurb at the bottom of the page.

  • Chuck Krugel is an outstanding individual and an exceptional professional. I was introduced to Chuck several years ago by our Executive Vice President.  I quickly learned that Chuck could be trusted with sensitive confidential information regarding legal issues as well as provide human resources legal training and education for the organization and its clients. I have relied on Chuck to help the organization answer questions related to employment and to resolve difficult employee issues.  Excellent listening skills, stellar communication, responding promptly to inquiries, follow-up and a depth of knowledge regarding labor and employment law are a few of Chuck’s assets. He is a gifted communicator and can be counted on to deliver the best solution for all involved, efficiently and effectively!  Although I have engaged Chuck under extremely challenging circumstances, he is always a pleasure to talk to and to work with. He is a professional’s professional! Please don’t hesitate to contact him on behalf of your organization or on behalf of your clients.

Shelia Hill, President & CEO, Chicago Minority Business Development Council

  • Chuck Krugel has provided Data Clean with highly effective legal advice, representation and guidance. He’s helped us to efficiently resolve a few employment related concerns. Chuck’s got a great way of simply explaining complex legal principles and understands the needs of small companies. He’s always been available when I’ve needed him. He’s really easy to get along with and talk to. I think he’s better at employment law than our huge downtown firm.  Moreover, his billing practices are sensible. He doesn’t “nickel and dime” us every time I contact him.

Rich Hill, President, Data Clean Corp.

  • Chuck Krugel has given us outstanding legal representation, advice and guidance.  He’s been a partner to us while we’ve grown and helped us effectively resolve employment related concerns. Chuck has even taught us to investigate and resolve issues on our own.  He’s got a great way of simply explaining HR and employment related issues and concepts. We’re constantly impressed with his accessibility, his depth of understanding and his easy to understand billing practices. In the bigger picture I honestly believe that he’s helped us to save money.

Art Olivera, Owner/President, Automated Professional Marketing

  • My name is Rev. Michael A Evans, Executive Director of Chicago’s Developing Communities Project.  I became aware of Charles Krugel’s legal services when my community organization was having some major employment problems. After contacting Mr. Krugel he put my mind at ease about our situations and assured me that there was a remedy that could be reached.  He was right. His calm demeanor and his knowledge of employment law helped me and my organization get past what could have been very damaging. When ever I have a legal question, need to discus employee concerns or any matter that some consultation can aid me through, Charles Krugel is the first person I call. He has made the difference for me on several occasions.  Mr. Krugel has the expertise you need.
  • As an owner of two staffing agencies I was in dire need of a legal expert on employment issues and have definitely found that in Chuck Krugel. Chuck has provided our firms’ with expert legal advice, employment policies and written contracts. I have found Chuck to be an integral part of our team and rely heavily on his guidance and legal knowledge on an ongoing basis. His “down to earth” style and simple way of explaining complex legal issues really saves time and allows me to focus on what I need to most. Chuck is always easily accessible by either e-mail or phone and I do not get “nickel and dimed” every time I contact him. Chuck is a wonderful asset to our team and I would highly recommend him to any business owner seeking an employment specialist….every business needs one.

Stephen Skertich
Owner and President, Pro Med Staffing, Inc and Prestige Healthcare Resources, Inc.

  • Chuck Krugel is among The Law Project’s most exceptional volunteers. As a solo practitioner, Chuck demonstrates a remarkable personal commitment to his community . . . . Board members and executive directors of our nonprofit clients are often faced with difficult questions regarding employee theft, unemployment, performance reviews, termination and severances. Chuck handles them all – and with practical solutions to boot. His responsiveness is unparalleled. When our clients seek advice via email at 10pm on Friday night, it’s not uncommon for Chuck to respond at 2am. And these are responses with substantive answers, not merely an acknowledgement that the request was received with a promise to  “look into it on Monday.” When we recruit him for brief service, he will often take on direct representation and even additional matters for those clients . . . . He consistently goes above and beyond for his clients, approaching every matter with tremendous expertise and a great attitude.

The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee

  • Our business first became familiar with Chuck Krugel through one of his seminars. Subsequently, we’ve used him for his highly effective legal advice and guidance. He helped us to create our very first employment policies and handbooks, and helped us quietly and efficiently resolve a few employment related concerns. Chuck’s got a great way of simply explaining complex legal principles. Also, he’s always there when we need him, either in person, email or phone. He’s easy to deal with, doesn’t pad his fees and is genuinely interested in our success.
    Confidential hospitality business based in Chicago.

If you’d like to verify this recommendation, contact Charles Krugel and he’ll try to arrange for client’s verification.

DISCLAIMER: All statements on this page are purely the opinion of each writer. No one has been compensated directly or indirectly for their opinion. These opinions aren’t intended as legal advice or guidance nor are they a guarantee or promise of Charles Krugel’s future performance. The sole purpose for these opinions are for marketing and consumer education.

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