2 New Chuck Krugel Media Interviews–Recruiting Animal & a Point-Counterpoint on the Chicago Teachers Union Strike Against the Chicago Public Schools

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On 9/12/12, I made my 5th appearance on the Recruiting Animal’s Blog Talk Radio show. This was a pretty intense & wide-ranging interview discussing the falsification of credentials when interviewing for a job (e.g., Elizabeth Warren’s Native-American ancestry claim), hiring on the basis of political affiliations & beliefs, the omnipresent social media issues in HR, recruiter commission & pay issues, & more issues concerning the law, recruiting & HR. And, if you’re sensibilities can handle it, you can also hear me & the Recruiting Animal sing butcher Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” (at the beginning of the show). The interview is about 1:20 minutes & is available here on Blog Talk Radio & here (MP3).

Also on 9/12/12, I was interviewed on The Round Up from the Bryan Law Group. This is also on Blog Talk Radio. Hosts Susan Bryan & Nick Augustine interviewed Tom Glick (attorney & professional mediator at the Center for Conflict Resolution) & me on the ongoing (as of today) Chicago Teachers Union strike against the Chicago Public Schools. I used to work for the Chicago Public Schools in labor & employee relations & Tom Glick is also the author of “Creative Mediation.” Below is more detailed information on topics discussed.  The program is about 30-minutes long & is here on BTR & here (MP3).  In short, this dispute is a mess & a tragedy. About 350,000 kids are out of school.


9/12/12 The Round Up by The Bryan Law Group Interview with Krugel & Glick Concerning the Chicago Teachers Union Strike Against the Chicago Public Schools; Click to Enlarge



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