2 New Chuck Krugel Media Interviews & My 2015 Labor & Employment Lawlawpalooza! (2015 Public Presentation Schedule)

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Thanks to reporter Heather Huhman for extensively quoting me in her 12/10/14 Entrepreneur.com article “Is Your Office in Need of Guidelines for Wearables?” The article is here (my contributions are in blue).

Thanks also to Mike Bankhead for quoting me in his 12/12/14 article “The Force Awakens II: HR in 2015” for people G2 Human Capital Intelligence.  My content relates to my predictions for key HR issues in 2015:  “I think that some of the key HR issues for 2015 will be how employers deal with increased enforcement of employee classification issues. These issue include classifying employees as salaried vs. hourly & overtime vs. not-overtime eligibility. Regulatory agencies like the IRS, Department of Labor, etc., are pursuing more businesses for penalties & taxes.”

Finally,  I’m very excited to announce that in 2015, I’ll be doing a series of 4 HR & labor & employment law presentations for businesses at Chicago’s City Hall, & I’ll be doing a series of 5 presentations for alums of Goldman Sach’s 10k Small Business Initiative, & doing a number of other 1-off presentations & webinars (to be announced separately).  It’s my 2015 Labor & Employment Lawlawpalooza!

BCS_LOGOVECTOR2012FINALIDES LogoIllinoisworkNet_logo94My very 1st 2015 presentation is on 1/7/15 from 8:45 AM – 11 for Business & Career Services at the Arlington Hts Illinois workNet Center/Illinois Dept. of Employment Security, 723 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005.  This will be an open Q& A based discussion concerning employee classification.  More specifically, we’ll be talking about the classification of employees as independent contractors vs. employee, part-time vs. full-time, & hourly vs. salaried.  All of the fun Fair Labor Standards Act, minimum wage & tax stuff entailed with classification will be discussed.  I’ll also be talking about how to deal with regulatory agencies like the IRS & the Department of Labor, & dealing with wage & hour lawsuits.  It’s free.  To register, contact Deb Lawrence at Business & Career Services at either dlawrence@bcsillinois.org or 847-437-9485.

Chicago's FlagChicago LogoChicago Small Business Center

On Wednesday, 1/21,  I’m really excited to announce the 1st of a 4 part series on HR & labor & employment law at the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection’s Small Business Center.  Each of these presentations runs from 3 PM – 4:30 PM & take place at 121 N. LaSalle St., 8th Floor, Chicago.  The 1st presentation is: How to Hire An Employee or Independent Contractor.  This includes how to tell the differences between the two; how to pay them; how do we end the relationship; what enforcement efforts are being taken by regulatory agencies & private attorneys; wage & hour issues.  It & the final 3 are free.  To register contact Geralyn Catino at geralyn.catino@cityofchicago.org.

The remaining 3 dates are 4/15/15, 7/22/15 & 10/21/15.  All are Wednesdays 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.  

  • 4/15:  Do You Need An Employee Handbook or Written Policies; What Policies Do You Need.  This can include how do you decide which policies to use; what format shall I put them in; when or how should I make changes; who should create this?
  • 7/22: Social Media & Human Resources Issues.  What government regulators are saying about an employee’s content & account ownership; how can I best protect my company’s social media image; what if an employee discusses something illegal or inappropriate about my business; what should I do to control how & who uses my company’s social media & related hardware or equipment?
  • 10/21/15: How Do I Fire An Employee?  This can include how to document poor performance or behavior; how to deal with unemployment compensation claims; when should you fire; how do I communicate it; should witnesses be present; should I do an exit interview?

On Thursday, January 22, from 11:30 – 1:30, I’ll be at Hub83, 6 Executive Court, South Barrington, IL 60010, to present: “For 2015 Resolve to Reduce Human Resources Related Costs:  Understanding Labor & Employment Law & Human Resources ManagemHub83ent for Businesses.”  Description:  2015 will bring its own unique legal & human resources challenges for businesses.  For 2 hours, you can discuss these & other issues, important to you, with noted labor & employment lawyer & HR counselor Charles Krugel,charlesakrugel.com.  Charles will answer any questions & discuss such topics like wage & hour disputes; salaried vs. hourly compensation; independent contractor 1099 vs. employee W2 classifications; social media & employee use of it; minimum wage concerns, paid time off issues; & discrimination & harassment.  He can also discuss ways to reduce employment related expenses.  Lunch will be provided & it’s all free.  Thanks to Aidan Salvi & Michelle Moody of Hub 83 for setting this up.  To register contact Michelle Moody at michelle@hub83.com or 847.380.7483.

goldman-sachs-10000-small-businessesStarting 1/20/15, & continuing on 3/3, 5/12, 7/14 & 9/15, I’ll be doing a series of HR & labor & employment law presentations for program alums of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative.  These all take place at Harold Washington College 30 E. Lake Street.  All presentations are from 9 AM – 10:30 AM.  Further information is available via their website or Kelly Dobbins, Kdobbins6@ccc.edu.

  • The 1/20 presentation topic is “Handling Unemployment Compensation Claims.”
  • The 3/3 topic is “Documenting Employee Performance/Behavior Issues & How to Fire An Employee, If Necessary.”
  • 5/12 – Wage & Hour Issues: Independent Contractor Vs. Employee & Hourly Vs. Salaried
  • 7/14 – Employee Handbooks & Policies:  Do I Need Them?  Why?  When?
  • 9/15 – Social Media–Understanding the Human Resources & Employment Law Aspects

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