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I’ve got three labor & employment law & HR presentations coming up in June & July.

The June presentations concern social media issues in the workplace and how various government agencies are hammering on employers for monitoring and regulating employee usage of social media like Facebook. On June 1 & June 8, 7:45 AM, I’m putting on 2 such seminars run by IL Worknet & Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.  The 6/1 presentation is in Arlington Heights & the 6/8 presentation is in Evanston.
Here’s the link for the Arlington Heights seminar.
Here’s the link for the Evanston presentation.

On Friday, July  22 at 9:30am, at Chicago’s City Hall, #805, 121 N. LaSalle St., I’ll be presenting a free labor & employment law seminar. Thanks to the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs for setting this up.  This will be largely Q&A & open discussion along with handouts.  If you would like to attend just let me know or contact Alfredo Camarena at 312-744-5344 or

Here’s my handout materials for the social media seminars.  It’s in PDF format & its 29 pages.  It includes summaries of relevant laws & discussion of real cases.




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